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Saturday, March 18, 2006

RFID electronic door lock

I will move into my new home soon, which is the first flat we own. That is why the idea to DIY a RFID electronic door lock is attractive for me at the 1st glance.
But after reading all pages of the DIY instruction, I feel a bit frustrated, as I donnot know when will I be free to do all such work. Anyway, keep the link in the blog, maybe you are interested in it, or I will finally be free to do it. :-D


Anonymous said...

securing your home with an electronic door lock is a great idea!

mobile locksmith sydney said...

Nice post, thank you for sharing. It is no doubt that the lock is compulsory for every family, which will be our first safety issue for the house. In the market, there are various locks from the traditional to modern electric ones. With the development of the new technology, more safety locks will be invented for the house and the industry.