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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dapper Drake on Acer Travelmate 3002 WTCi

To install Ubuntu 5.04/5.10 on Acer Travelmate 3000 series laptop is definitely painful. I have a long article of how to patch kernel, modify DSDT, etc. to make ubuntu run on my Acer. I wonder whether it is worth the time to hack all these for most guys.

Now, Dapper Drake beta is coming, although its version now is 6.06, instead of 6.04 in the original plan, due to the 2 mths delay of final release. But I donnot need all these features causing the delay, so, I planned to use another weekend to struggle to install it on the Acer.

From its Web site, I was glad to find it provides an live installer like the on in Mepis, I then decided to test how lucky I am this time to pass the install using the live installer, and downloaded the live CD.

After 2 hours downloading, I bootup my Acer 3002 WTCi from the live CD, and at the first glance, I was so execited to find the laptop just run, without any modification, except the resolution is still 1024x768 by default. Does that mean I can save the weekend to prepare paiting my new house? Maybe, if I can install it to my harddisk.

So, I clicked the install icons on desktop, following its instruction then. You know how sad I was when the installer exited at step6 (totoally 7 steps) without any notice. I tried two more times, and failed both times. Regret I can only throw the live CD away and download the installer CD now. Due to the good experience based on live CD, I expected I do not need 2 days to install it.

I have just downloaded the text install CD from Web site, and now I am trying to install it. After reboot, the install CD also startup without any problem. The interface remains the same as previous ubuntu/kubuntu. Now the progress bar passed 50% just now. Hopefully, Dapper Drake can run smoothly on the Acer model.

Based on experience so far, Dapper Drake is so good (bluetooth, wireless, and hot buttons work), except:
1. Live installer in live CD failed on Acer Travelmate 3002WTCi.
2. Resolution is 1024x768 by default, and need 915resolution's help
3. kcontrol crashed when I am doing hotkey setting.

I will try more, and record the problems, if I can find more.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Writely Invitation Available Now

In another post, I introduced some online writers. Today, I got invitation from writely finally.

Now, this is the 1st post I write using writely. From the toolbar, I can see it supports to post to blogger from writely. So, I first try to create some complicated format here, and publish to blogger to see effects.

1. A table:
this is 70% width table with size of 3x3
The 1st
how about it?
it is easy to set all format
i like it
do u?

not bad, just like word

ok, seems table is easy to create and modify, then let's try to upload image:

2. image

I upload an image from my PC, very easy huh. Then I put it to the right part of this post.

I do not know where this image will be stored, if I publish this post to blogger. If writely can host the image, wow, I will love writely more. ;-)

3. font
Try some font effects here.
Bold, Italy and Underline
Good, so simple.

Now, let's try what fonts are supported by Writely.
FOnt1, Font1, Font2,

Ok, lots of fonts (about 15) are there. I only wonder what are the real effects in Web browser.

Let's publish the post now. Good luck to me and all writely users.
I add the following comments in blogger, instead of writely.
1. writely hosts all pictures you uploaded. great
2. How to change corresponding HTML CSS style in writely is left to study
3. the HTML codes generated is ugly
4. if want to modify more, can only in blogger, I think

If you like the effect of easiness of writely, u can ask invitation from me now, if more invitations are left for my account. Good luck