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Friday, February 24, 2006

The MacMini's PC clone finally arrived at S'pore

Now, Aopen's Mini PC running PentiumM is sold at s$1400- in S'pore. From the pic from linuxdevices.com comparing MiniPC and MacMini from the rear panel, we can found more kinds of ports in the MiniPC, e.g., TV out. I like this improvement, although the the big button in MiniPC's front panel is so ugly. The problem is although there is TVout, but the lack of multi-channel audio port makes it difficult to be a media center with multi-channel sound system.
For that more Linux distributions support PC architecture than Mac, I prefer this small PC, if its interior is not too bad.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

atspace and awardspace

These two sites (atspace.com, awardspace.com) are really great. atspace provides 50M space (without traffic limit) and 99.9+% time on. It promises to offer the free service without ads forever. Its configuration is easy and simple.
The only regret is the lack of php/cgi support, although they said they will add soon. That is why I change to awardspace. awardpace provides 200M (2G traffic limit p.m). With php support, I built message board, hyperlink management, and counter to awardspace. I think this may improve the web page loading speed, as the page does not need to load services from lots of web sites. The only regret is awardspace reserve the right to add ads to your web pages.
So, hope atspace support php support, and when awardspace push ads to my web pages, I can back to atspace. :-D

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yahoo! Mail: Bind multiple address to the same mailbox

When I began to use internet 10 years ago, Yahoo! is my second email sevice, although I seldom use it.
I found just now, Yahoo! now allows dot appearing in account name, and bind two email address to the same mailbox. So, I applied one for my existing one. Actually, I also found there is a backdoor to bind more email address to the same mailbox. ;-)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bought my own domain name from yahoo

Yahoo! has even offer $1.99/a to register domain name. Is it dirty cheap?
Here is some comments from Yahoo!'s users, and many of them are extremly angry when they want to transfer their domain to other companies (especially when your domain name is .org, .us, etc. which use EPP authority code).

But this is not the reason why I did not grab the $1.99 offer at that time. The reason is Yahoo! put a wrong condition under the page to apply domain : the offer is only for those buying their hosting plan.
When I read from the above comments that this statement is wrong, and you can register without any hosting plan, I registered lizhao.net for 5 years.
I know I may meet some problems if I want to move, but who knows what the world will be like 5 years later?
Now, my blog is here: 李钊Li Zhao's Blog!