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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maemo Mapper 2 for n770

Maemo mapper 2 supports 770, and can download map easily. I am staying in Singapore, and the map I downloaded includes: 1. 1'28"04.66N/103'41"10.47E to 1'17"48.99N/103'52"04.18E 2. 1'25"29.74N/103'52"04.18E to 1'17"48.99N/103'58"57.12E 3. 1'17"48.99N/103'44"37.56E to 1'14"20.82N/103'54"15.55E These areas does not cover whole Singapore, but should be more than enough for me.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

N810 application is accepted

I found the email when I got up this afternoon, :D, and so glad that I haven't read the news from maemo news Web site. Otherwise, I might think my application hasn't be accepted.

For sure, it's a great deal to buy such an amazing gadgets with 99Euro, and what also makes me happy is maemo thank contributors in this way.

Thanks, maemo.