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Monday, November 29, 2004

Why not Linux

For all the woes suffered by Windows PC users, alternatives seldom get discussed. The assumption is that, with up to 95 percent of desktops running Windows, it's better to try to fix what's broke than to change horses altogether. That attitude may be changing. In its December gift guide, Consumer Reports rated new Intel processors "unspectacular" and touted "59,940 reasons to reconsider Macs," including Apple Computer's increased support ratings at a time when satisfaction with desktop computers has declined dismally. While Macs are getting more attention, another alternative ? Linux ? continues to be overlooked in Windows-dissatisfaction discussions. The reason: Reviewers typically don't run Linux boxes.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I am on the job marketing now

I am on the job marketing now. Although I will still be pursuing my Ph.D degree in the next half year, you must understand how difficult for a Ph.D to get a job and I must start now. :-), thus, i build a simple homepage here

Friday, November 19, 2004

wallop invitation federation

Wallop is a research project of the Social Computing Group at Microsoft Research, exploring how people share media and build conversations in the context of social networks. We are currently conducting a small, real world trial of Wallop with small friendship groups. Therefore, membership in Wallop is limited to study participants until the trial is over. the above words are from M$'s website. doesn't it confused u what's wallop? hehe. shortly, wallop is an online social networks (SN). it has some special features (especially, cool interface based on flash, on linux, must install the newest MS fonts, e.g. debian need the newest msttcorefonts) compared with other SN and has its own weakness. just like gmail half year before, invitation quote to join wallop is a limited resource. i have no more wallop invitation now. who have more and be generous to give out them? when i have more, i will give out too. i open a wallop exchange board, who are interested plz post here. cheers

Thursday, November 18, 2004

A man living in a cave.

I found I am really a man living in a cave and thick-witted to new techniques, and thus tend to losing creativity. :-D
I applied my first blogger account last year and forgot my account. I was invited to orkut half year ago and forgot what is it. I have the first gmail account until nobody want it. I read a paper without finding it's 3 years old.
As a technical (maybe science) man, such dullness maybe is not a good habbit. so i join wallop today to show i still can touch the frontier, and surprise to find, oh, my firefox cannot show text in wallop smoothly. :-D

Sunday, November 14, 2004

back to s'pore

arrived at s'pore last night. what a pity, had high fever today and lay in bed for almost whole day.

Monday, November 01, 2004


I'll back to hometown (chang sha in the middle china) and visit parents in the coming vacation the day after tommorrow. Last time is December 2002, almost 2 years before. Donna know what changsha looks like now. Last weekend, there is a TV program from Taiwan introducing diet in changsha. I have totally no idea about the restaurants introduced. Now, I need to back to changsha and make up. :-D