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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How to add calendar to your blogger site in 4 steps

blogcat service is down now, do not try anymore! Before try to add calendar using blogcat, please register an account at blogcat. After getting an account from blogcat, there are 4 steps only to add a calendar with the following features:

  1. Date is highlighted corresponding to all your blogger posts.
  2. Update automatically when you browse a certain page.
  3. Show post title when you move your mouse over the calendar date.
  4. Load fast (compared with those javascript solution).
If you are interested in these features, try to follow the steps below:

1. Set blogger information

Select 'Blogger Configuration' in sidebar. Input your blogger ID and password, and then blogcat will ask you which blog you want to add calendar.

2. Fetch posts

Select 'Post List' in sidebar. Click 'Reload posts from Blogger!', then posts from blogger will be listed. In this screen, you can even assign a category for each post, and blogcat can generate a category list for you automatically.

3. Generate calendar

Select 'Build Calendar' in sidebar. Then there is a calendar generated corresponding to each month you logged.

4. Add codes to blogger template

Select 'Get Template Codes' in sidebar. Add the codes shown to your blogger template. That's all you need to do to add the calendar. After you create a new post in blogger, you can regenerate the calendar by browse: http://lizhao.net/blogcat/autobuildcal.php?u=USERNAME where USERNAME is your blogcat account name.

Monday, March 27, 2006

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) and word processor

In a previous post, I mentioned Writely, which is bought by google. It is an online word processor. I feel so interesting what can Web do right now.
Actually, the important technique supporting writly is AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML), and if you google AJAX, you will get bunch of results from google. I remember when i pursuing my master degree years ago, we can only exploit ActiveX, Corba to obtain similar results, with much higher complexity.
Now, AJAX is a hot techniques, and I found several online word processor online now:

  1. Ajaxwrite
  2. Zoho Writer
  3. Writely

Saturday, March 18, 2006

牛尾浓汤 Beef tail soup

Today, it is the first time I try to cook western food --- beef tail soup. It is as delicious as I expected, thus, record the recipe I used for future reference. Materials:

  1. beef tail, 1 (I used about 600G) 牛尾
  2. onion, 1 (I used 3 middle size onions)洋葱
  3. carrot, 1 (I used about 180G)胡萝卜
  4. Celery, 2 (I used one potato to replace it)芹菜
  5. beef lard, 1spoon牛油
  6. Bay Leaves, 1 piece香叶
  7. tomato sauce, 2spoons番茄酱
  8. fried flour. 2spoons.油炸粉
  9. pea, salt, pepper.豌豆,盐,胡椒粉。
  1. clear beef tail
  2. cut onion, carrot, celery to cubes, put them togther with beef tail into cold water to boil for 3 hours.
  3. filter the soup, and then fish out tail, separate meat and bone.
  4. saute bay leave, beef tail meat, beef lard, tomato sauce together
  5. put fried tail meat, fried flour back to soup and boil again
  6. add pea, salt, peepr
I also add some red wine. :-), Wow, it is really great, and if you feed a puppy, then you donnot need to wash your disks. :-D

RFID electronic door lock

I will move into my new home soon, which is the first flat we own. That is why the idea to DIY a RFID electronic door lock is attractive for me at the 1st glance.
But after reading all pages of the DIY instruction, I feel a bit frustrated, as I donnot know when will I be free to do all such work. Anyway, keep the link in the blog, maybe you are interested in it, or I will finally be free to do it. :-D

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Post blog via email

I decided to be used to post blog posts via email from now on. Thus, I can post to several blogs at the same time.<br/>
One important benefit is I can post to MSN space, thus, most guys can read the blog.

Most popular pages

I wrote a page counter yesterday to count clicks to each page, the result is: http://blog.lizhao.net/2005/08/softwarerec-install-ubuntu-on-acer.html 65
http://blog.lizhao.net/2004/10/tips-about-blogger-archives-drop-down.html 11
http://blog.lizhao.net/2004/09/tips-categorize-blogger-posts.html 5
http://blog.lizhao.net/ 19 http://blog.lizhao.net/2004/10/another-blogger-tool-i-like-it.html 1
http://blog.lizhao.net/2006/03/googles-appetite_13.html 1
http://blog.lizhao.net/2005/01/c-implementation-of-ukkonens-suffix.html 2
http://blog.lizhao.net/2006/03/bloglendar-back_09.html 10
http://lizhao.net/ 16
http://blog.lizhao.net/2004/09/liferec-diary-cartoon-enjoy-it.html 1
http://www.lizhao.net/ 1
http://blog.lizhao.net/2004/12/blogger-chinese-version-of-how-to-add.html 1
http://blog.lizhao.net/2004/08/my-calendar_25.html 2
http://blog.lizhao.net/2006/03/problem-of-css-float-in-ie_09.html 2
http://blog.lizhao.net/2005/08/comparison-six-models-of-sonoma.html 1
I am astonished to find most clicks point to the same page. It is a trouble shoot article, recording what I met during install linux on a weird but hot laptop.
What matters a page is how much it can help other guys, at least in my site.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Google's appetite

Measure Map is a service like technorati; Writely is an online word processor. They are totally different from each other and have no relationship at all, right?

It is true a month ago, util Google bought both of them. And now, there is a tag appearing in both site:
"that's now part of Google."
Another common point shared by them is they are both in immigration process to Google system, and does not open registration now.
But they allow you to leave your email address to book a position when they open registration. Yes, this is what we met when gmail come.
What is the next one Google will take a fancy to?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Problem of CSS float in IE

IE defined a no standard CSS attribute word-wrap, when it is set to 'break-word', IE divids a long word if it is too long. If it is set to 'normal', the word won't be divided.
An example is list below:


You can see the different render results in IE and firefox, firefox ignore this attribute and the whole word is in the same line. Both are OK for me.

The problem is, if IE does not divid the word, the right panel in my blogger pages will move down below the left panel, make them cannot appear in the same row. What a pity, and it is the reason of why many blogger's template layout will be corrupted in IE, if there is a long hyperlink (or dir name, or tag, etc.), where IE does not divid the word inside.

In my situation, I want the float left panel does not extend automatically with contents inside, and treat IE's method as a bug for me. But in certain situations, sb. may feel firefox's method is a bug, here is an example.

Fortunately, now, we can combine the word-wrap attribute and tips from http://www.positioniseverything.net/easyclearing.html to solve the problem you meet, although it cannot solve problem for all ppls. How to choose is up2u.

Bloglendar Back

The contents in this article are discarded, I implemented a full-featured Web service at BlogCat, please check out.

In a previous article, I introduced how to add calendar to blogger using javascript. However, it suffers from some javascript weaknesses.
I have implemented a php based calendar generator for blogger, which can produce calendar similar with the one in my blogger's right panel (see demo.
You can just try here:

Your username and password will not be stored. ;-) You can also use bloglendar/bloglendar as username/password to generate calendar for http://bloglendar.blogspot.com/

You can login blogger with username of bloglendar to post more, and return here to see effect. Blogger ID:
If you are interested in this calendar, just download the php scripts and install it on ur own server, and enjoy.
This is only a prototype blogger calendar, and I may be too busy to finish it. It is great if u can help.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


My wife bought two rabbits, and play with them.