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Saturday, March 18, 2006

牛尾浓汤 Beef tail soup

Today, it is the first time I try to cook western food --- beef tail soup. It is as delicious as I expected, thus, record the recipe I used for future reference. Materials:

  1. beef tail, 1 (I used about 600G) 牛尾
  2. onion, 1 (I used 3 middle size onions)洋葱
  3. carrot, 1 (I used about 180G)胡萝卜
  4. Celery, 2 (I used one potato to replace it)芹菜
  5. beef lard, 1spoon牛油
  6. Bay Leaves, 1 piece香叶
  7. tomato sauce, 2spoons番茄酱
  8. fried flour. 2spoons.油炸粉
  9. pea, salt, pepper.豌豆,盐,胡椒粉。
  1. clear beef tail
  2. cut onion, carrot, celery to cubes, put them togther with beef tail into cold water to boil for 3 hours.
  3. filter the soup, and then fish out tail, separate meat and bone.
  4. saute bay leave, beef tail meat, beef lard, tomato sauce together
  5. put fried tail meat, fried flour back to soup and boil again
  6. add pea, salt, peepr
I also add some red wine. :-), Wow, it is really great, and if you feed a puppy, then you donnot need to wash your disks. :-D

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