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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bloglendar Back

The contents in this article are discarded, I implemented a full-featured Web service at BlogCat, please check out.

In a previous article, I introduced how to add calendar to blogger using javascript. However, it suffers from some javascript weaknesses.
I have implemented a php based calendar generator for blogger, which can produce calendar similar with the one in my blogger's right panel (see demo.
You can just try here:

Your username and password will not be stored. ;-) You can also use bloglendar/bloglendar as username/password to generate calendar for http://bloglendar.blogspot.com/

You can login blogger with username of bloglendar to post more, and return here to see effect. Blogger ID:
If you are interested in this calendar, just download the php scripts and install it on ur own server, and enjoy.
This is only a prototype blogger calendar, and I may be too busy to finish it. It is great if u can help.

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