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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hotkeys for Logictech cordless desktop EX110

I set up my old IBM T23 as media center in my living room, and got the cheap Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 as remote.

As it is running Linux, a few tricks are needed to use these multimedia keys on the keyboard. First, hotkeys should be installed and autostart when X startup. And hotkeys.conf and itouch.def should be edited.

For a ubuntu user, please edit:

In this file, the codes of keys are mapped to some names easy to remember. And then please edit:


In hotkeys.conf, each key name is mapped to a command, when the key is pressed, corresponding command will be invoked.

To know what's the keycode of a key, we can run xev, and press the key, xev will print corresponding keycodes to standard output.

A easier way: as for most Logitech keyboard, the keycodes can be found at here

Some useful keycodes are (copied from 1n12, maybe is for microsoft keyboard, but most are right for my logitech, haven't tried all):
keycode 115 = SLstart
keycode 116 = SRstart
keycode 117 = Smenu
keycode 234 = Sback
keycode 233 = Sforward
keycode 232 = Sstop
keycode 231 = Srefresh
keycode 122 = Ssearch
keycode 230 = Sfavourites
keycode 130 = Swebhome
keycode 236 = Smail
keycode 160 = Smute
keycode 174 = Svolumedown
keycode 176 = Svolumeup
keycode 162 = Splaypause
keycode 164 = Sstop
keycode 144 = Sprevtrack
keycode 153 = Snexttrack
keycode 129 = Smedia
keycode 198 = Smycomputer
keycode 161 = Scalculator
keycode 223 = Ssleep

Sunday, October 01, 2006

kde input problem (scim bug?)

So far, I have gotten four laptops (DELL 610, IBM t23, TOSHIBA portege 4010, and one ancient HITACHI), although most of them are aged, they are still usable, at least they over-perform VMWare to run 2nd OS.

Now, I can install Linux, Windows seperately, and put one in each room in my flat. :-D So, I am in good mood, and decide to use Kubuntu on the IBM T23, as its Linux support is better than portege 4010 (with modem and graph accelerator).

But there is a weird and annoying problem I meet in kubuntu, i.e., when I set XMODIFIERS="@im=SCIM", and use SCIM as XIM input method, randomly, some programs in KDE cannot get keyboard input. I believe it is due to the cooperation between kubuntu and scim, as I haven't met this problem before I use kubuntu.

Sorry that I have reported the bug to neither Scim nor KDE. I just replaced scim with fcitx. Although fcitx supports only simplied chinese, it is enough for me. Hope it can work well.