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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More online bookmark service is here now

In a previous post, I introduced an online bookmark service, which allow you to store your bookmark online and then synchronize it among several computers. I encountered some bugs when I use this service, such as browser hangs if service is down (frequently). But now, there are much more similar service available for our choice.

  1. del.icio.us
  2. Google Browser Sync
  3. Foxmarks
  4. Clipmark
I am trying del.icio.us from yahoo, which can tag your bookmark instead of organizing in different folder.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Desktop Search for Source Analysis

Now, there are always Gigas source codes for me to pass. Without source analysis tools like source insight or source navigator, it really can be a big trouble sometimes.

Unfortunately, source insight is a bit expensive to deploy into all my PCs. On the freeware side, source navigator does not support c# so far (even worse, it failed several times when I try to add Gigas c++ files to a project).

Consider that the main feature I use in source insight is to search reference, caller, definition, etc. of a given entity, can we use a desktop search engine to do these work. Of cause, we stand a little chance to get such a desktop search engine.

But after I tried some engines, I feel they can help much, when I have no source insight installed. What's better is they usually do search much faster than source insight.

There are lots desktop search engine today. I have no time to try them all. So, I selected three for reference.

  • Microsoft Index Services (MIS)
  • Google Desktop Search (GDS)
  • Copernic Desktop Search (CDS)

    As MIS is integrated in windows, it is attractive that I donnot need to download and install anything, if it can be used. But I found it is slow, in terms of both indexing and searching. BTW: I use a wiki system based on MIS --- Perspective Wiki.

    Then I tried GDS, it provides search interface integrated into google search page. Maybe it is attractive for thoese google fans, but I guess they will be disappeared when they found GDS almost cannot refine search result, difficult to configure search for each folder, etc.

    After some googling, I found CDS. Its rate is quick good in some reviews. Another reason I select it is I recalled that I used to use another search product from Copernic around 2000. :-)

    Based on 1 hour experience, I think CDS is quite good for me to analyze source codes. It can easily start search inside a folder, restrict file name, date in a standalone native program.

    Maybe we can improve source navigator based on these open source desktop search enigne? :-D

  • Thursday, November 02, 2006

    SciTE --- Firefox of text editor

    SciTE is a light-weight, cross-platform, fast text editor I always use. For example, on windows platform, it can be a single exe file you can copy to anywhere you like, and smaller than 500k, which is much smaller than editplus and ultraedit.

    Despite of its small size, it is highly configurable, there are menu items to edit its default properties, e.g., whether to show line number, where to wrap long line, etc.

    For example, the following four lines make scite wrap and show line num automatically, and prompt a user to reload a file when the file is changed out of scite.
    For more documents, please refer to http://www.scintilla.org/SciTEDoc.html