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Sunday, October 01, 2006

kde input problem (scim bug?)

So far, I have gotten four laptops (DELL 610, IBM t23, TOSHIBA portege 4010, and one ancient HITACHI), although most of them are aged, they are still usable, at least they over-perform VMWare to run 2nd OS.

Now, I can install Linux, Windows seperately, and put one in each room in my flat. :-D So, I am in good mood, and decide to use Kubuntu on the IBM T23, as its Linux support is better than portege 4010 (with modem and graph accelerator).

But there is a weird and annoying problem I meet in kubuntu, i.e., when I set XMODIFIERS="@im=SCIM", and use SCIM as XIM input method, randomly, some programs in KDE cannot get keyboard input. I believe it is due to the cooperation between kubuntu and scim, as I haven't met this problem before I use kubuntu.

Sorry that I have reported the bug to neither Scim nor KDE. I just replaced scim with fcitx. Although fcitx supports only simplied chinese, it is enough for me. Hope it can work well.


ejstans said...

I think I have experienced the same bug when using Scim for inputing Japanese text in KDE. At first I only detected that I couldn't type certain "normal" characters such as ~ ^ ¨ ´ `. Then I realized that focus seemed to be lost when switching between applications (or sometimes even when just typing). It is extremely annoying, to say the least...

Li-Zhao 李钊 said...

yea, cannot agree with you more.

Hope there are good alternatives for you. :)

dinhdongphuong said...

I am having problem with inputing Japanese into o JTextPane on Vine linux 4.2.
I dont know how to show the problem.
Could anyone help me?