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Friday, November 19, 2004

wallop invitation federation

Wallop is a research project of the Social Computing Group at Microsoft Research, exploring how people share media and build conversations in the context of social networks. We are currently conducting a small, real world trial of Wallop with small friendship groups. Therefore, membership in Wallop is limited to study participants until the trial is over. the above words are from M$'s website. doesn't it confused u what's wallop? hehe. shortly, wallop is an online social networks (SN). it has some special features (especially, cool interface based on flash, on linux, must install the newest MS fonts, e.g. debian need the newest msttcorefonts) compared with other SN and has its own weakness. just like gmail half year before, invitation quote to join wallop is a limited resource. i have no more wallop invitation now. who have more and be generous to give out them? when i have more, i will give out too. i open a wallop exchange board, who are interested plz post here. cheers

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