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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

sdcv on 770/800 (ITOS 2007)

In previous article, we give stardict as an example to compile deb package on ITOS2007 platform. However, after trying stardict, I found it is slow and bug-full on my 770.

So, I decide to use the text mode version of stardict -- sdcv.

It is relative easier to build sdcv than stardict, as it does not need support of GUI libs, therefore, no need to change config files for automake tools.

The trouble I met is to install libglib2.0-dev on my scratchbox, as it need pkg-config package. Downloading libglib deb and forcing dpkg to install it can bypass this problem.

another problem is the config of libreadline, I do not bother to study into config file, and just replaced all @libreadline@ with -lreadline.

Now, you can download the deb package.

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