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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dictionary for Nokia Internet Tablet N770/N800

We have two GUI dictionary tools for N770/N800 (or ITOS 2007, or maemo 3.1/3.2) --- stardict and sdictviewer.

sdictviewer is based on python, and runs slowly on the slow devices. It even takes several seconds to search a word. I also prefer dictionaries provided by stardict.

However, stardict.garage.maemo.org hasn't release anything so far. I tried a version compiled by a friend, and found it is slow too. What even worse is lots of bugs cause it always crash on 770 with 2007 HE.

So, the command line version of stardict may be a good alternative. The latest source deb from ubuntu can be compiled on maemo development environment (scratchbox), without any change.

The problem is the compiled binary can be executed on scratchbox smoothly, but crashs on 770 device. I spend hours to figure out the bugs, and now it works great on 770 device.

So, it should be good idea to share the patch. A new project at garage.maemo.org is opened, named sdcv (StarDictCommandVersion). Source and binary will be uploaded soon. Welcome to test it on both 770 and 800.

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