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Monday, August 20, 2007

SDCV for Nokia Internet Tablet

sdcv is a lightweight console version of StarDict dictionary.
Now, sdcv for maemo has a simple GUI, which can speak words, and this page is depreciated! plz visit http://sdcv.garage.maemo.org/


For all releases, please download at its maemo garage project site


After install, please execute sdcv from console (osso-xterm). type "sdcv --help" for details.
Please goto stardict dictonary page to download dictionaries, and install following its instruction.


Version 0.4.2-2
Minor bug fix based on the same version of ubuntu


Anonymous said...

Hi Li Zhao!My name is Thang,from Viet Nam
I'm a user of N800,and I like SDCV so much.But from the time I update my device to OS2008,i can't use SDCV any more,i can't install it on OS2008.So can you help me by develop it to fit the new OS?Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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