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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Blogdigger + Ping-o-Matic

To increase visibility of your blog, to send a XML-RPC ping to those blog search engine is a good idea. Ping-o-Matic thus is a super idea that let u ping multiple engines in one click. Even you can just bookmark pingomatic and ping engines by access this bookmark only.
Maybe u think to ping those engines is not important at all, as they will crawl ur site soon or later. I also think so until today.
Now, I found blogdigger is another super sevice i love so much. It provides search features like those of PICO, i.e.; it can index all details in ur blog, unlike google search that only do very rough indexing. After each time u post on blog, and ping blogdigger, it will reindex ur blog, thus, research results of ur blog will be updated automatically.
What a goodie.
However, blogger cannot ping blogdigger itself, i doubt. So, after u post on blogger, just by one click on ur ping-o-matic bookmark, then u can get up-on-date index provided blogdigger. Is that attractive?
Good luck

1 comment:

Mattie said...

PingOMatic has been down for a while. Is there a direct-ling to ping blogdigger? Thanks for the help. ~ Matt