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Saturday, September 18, 2004

[ResearchRec]: PageRank

Before getting pagerank ranking improvement, it's important to understand it. Of cz, it's elegant from math perspective, like HITS. Actually, it's also quite straightforward from practical perspectives. Here is an article giving some examples to explain PageRank.
Surprisely, there even exists forums focus on how to improve PageRank. Unfortunately, many people argues that google is lagging behind the changing of internet (e.g., blog is changing the internet, :-d), like yahoo!, altavista was. Here is some discussions. Concisely, I think they mean:

  • a principle property of blogs is that they are full of hyerlinks.
  • hyperlinks in blog may "taint" google's search results from perpspective of sellers and ads.
  • google must consider more about money then rank solely "popular" and adjust its PageRank.
  • of cz, the adjusted pagerank is not the pagerank we known, thus, pagerank is dead, they concluded.
The most interesting part of the "pagerank is dead" discussion is a peom from Karl Martino Pagerank is dead!? Maybe.CategoryResearch

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