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Friday, June 23, 2006

List all posts again

Google provides an AJAX version of its search service, which can be integrated into your pages seamlessly; here, integrating seamlessly means the search result will display as a part of your own Web pages. please refer to CJ's webpage: Get Google Ajax Search For Your Site UPDATE.

I like this feature, but unfortunately, the AJAX search box may mess up your Web pages, especially when your pages use complicated layout. Another problem is its blog search engine does not provide as many features as what blogsearch does. It can only restrict search result to a given Web site, instead of finer granularity such as author name.

My current blogger site is immigranted from my old blogger site. Although blog.lizhao.net contains all posts from spide.blogspot.com, some posts of it have not been indexed by blogsearch. But now, I can use blogsearch to fetch posts from both sites, by restrict author name to "Li Zhao", while the AJAX engine is unable to do this so far.

Anyway, the AJAX search box is premising, and I want blogsearch can index all my posts in blog.lizhao.net, which may help the AJAX engine to search all posts in blog.lizhao.net. So, I list all posts in the main page of blog.lizhao.net and my ATOM feed. Hope blogsearch can update the index soon.


Li-Zhao 李钊 said...

It's great to find blogsearch reindex my ATOM feed in half an hour.

Anonymous said...

Hi Li! Its too bad that your previous blog was taken over... did you manage to rescue your posts?

Li-Zhao 李钊 said...

wow, it is long time!

Actually, I only lost the domain of spide.blogspot.com, without losing my blogger account. So, all posts are safe so far. :-D