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Friday, March 25, 2005

How to record screen movie under linux

ok, camstudio, lotus office, or sth. else in windows can do the work very well. Today i try to record under linux, as boss asks a demo. Ok, vnc2swf is a good choice i met firstly: http://www.unixuser.org/~euske/vnc2swf/
it can record screen movie to flash on a remote client, or with help from x11vnc, it can record current desktop. $ x11vnc -localhost -viewonly -deferupdate 10 -wait 10 -defer 10 &
$ vnc2swf -nowindow out.swf :0

for debian users, one line need to be inserted to writeswf.c (#define SWFDBLBitmap SWFBitmap), before compilation.
More is here

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Li-Zhao 李钊 said...

to use the tool, u may meet the problem that playback too fast, the following texts give the reasons, from another website

actually, in my piii933 notebook, i use
xvidcap --quality 90 --file 1.mpeg --fps 1
to make the playback ok

This can have one of two reasons:
(1) Dropped frames: The hardware you're on can't handle what you ask for.
Try making the capture selection very small and see if the problem disappears. If not, it's probably
(2), if it does, you can't capture at the frame size, image quality, and frame rate you selected. You
can play around with those parameters until you find a combination that your system can handle.
Make sure you watch (2).
You can also try building from source and compiling with better optimization, like this:
cd build-dir>/ffmpeg
vi config.mak
Here find a line saying "OPTFLAGS= -g -O3" and replace the "3" with "5". Save the file, then:
cd ..
CFLAGS=" -O5 " ./configure --with-forced-embedded-ffmpeg other-options-you-want>
make install
Perhaps, however you need a faster system. You can see dropped frames using xvidcap with a "-v"
parameter. Note however, that writing the verbose output to tty will slow down xvidcap and may
actually CAUSE dropped frames.

(2) Wrong frame rate: Some codecs don't support arbitrary frame rates.
Selecting a frame rate of 10 with MPEG1, e.g., will capture 10 frames per second but playback will
use 24 fps making the video go way to fast. Read the man page for what frame rates are supported
where. Future GUIs will enforce correct combinations.