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Friday, December 30, 2005

How to sync Windows CE device with Linux

I have a evaluation PDA from vendor. It come long long ago, and now nobody can remember what is its manufactory, its model, etc. When I plug it to Windows XP, XP cannot find its driver.
I know the PDA is very old, but it is not dead. How to rescue it?
The answer is Linux.
To run the PDA, firstly, I must identify its usbid, by:
lsusb returns:
Bus 002 Device 073: ID 0547:2720 Anchor Chips ...
Here, 0547 is manufactory name of the usb-usb chip used in the PDA, and 2720 is the product ID of the chip.
Get this info, we can start to connect the PDA to linux.
make sure ipaq module is installed. IPAQ is a module that recognize Windows CE device via USB connection.
modprobe ipaq vendor=0x0547 product=0x2720
remove usbnet before pluging the PDA
otherwise, usbnet module may take over the USB connection.
rmmod usbnet
plugin the PDA, /dev/ttyUSB0 will be added by ipaq module
use SynCE to connect the PDA.
a. config synce to use ttyUSB0
synce-serial-config ttyUSB0
b. start the connection
Now, you can use synce tools to use the PDA. e.g., synce-pls to list files on PDA. For more info, plz refer to SYNCE site

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Jeff Sheldon said...

Even nearly 10 years later, this is helpful information. I'm working with an embedded device which uses an "Anchor Chips, Inc." 2720 chip for USB. Though I'm just starting to test out what can be done (and within different operating systems), your comments have help keep me in the right direction. Thanks!