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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

God bless the guy

This URL (http://learn.tsinghua.edu.cn/homepage/2001315450/) is removed from my blogrolling. This guy quit from the top univ. in china, as he think "the univ. is a yucky place". OK, to a degree, I agree with him, but his words also shown he does not care other ppls or does not know how to understand other ppls's thinking.
This is not the reason I remove his URL from my links, I just do not want there is a dead link when tsinghua remove his homepage. :-)
If you understand chinese, then, u can goto the URL to see what are his comments to Tsinghua Univ.
God bless this guy to be a genius, instead of a idiot. After all, there is no much difference betwen idiot and genius, and I like genius.

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