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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Another social network for sharing photos

Again, there r so many social networks that make u boring. After months of life in the cyber-social world, many ppls may wonder what practical benefits can they bring. Here, at least, I suggest Flickr to u for photo sharing. I like so much that it is integrated with blogger seamlessly.
Ludicorp's Flickr, which could become a hot site, also has a function: sharing photos. It started with the basic idea: "What if we put live chat together with social networks and enabled people to share media with one another in real time?" Although this is already possible using instant messaging software and groupware sites such as Google Groups and Yahoo Groups, Flickr makes it far easier: the photos you want to share are in a "shoebox" along the bottom of the screen, and you send one by dropping the picture on a buddy's name.
Sharing photos online is likely to become more popular as more people buy digital cameras, and as cameras are built in to most mobile phones. Ludicorp's Eric Costello says the plan is to have photos uploaded automatically: We hope to have "watched folders", so if you drop a photo into a folder it will just show up in your shoebox. Also, we hope to integrate it with other photo sites, such as Ofoto, so you could pull in photos from there, or push photos there so you can have prints made of them."
A system that can be used to share photos can ultimately be adapted to share all sorts of things, and Flickr could obviously go much further. Ludicorp's Vancouver-based founder and president, Stewart Butterfield, says they're trying to build a system that supports relationships that transcend particular applications - instant messaging, email, Orkut etc.
For more information, check out flickr.com or the article introducing the above info.

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